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200 Hawkins St
Providence, RI 02904
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Edward Oakes
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If you love your family member I suggest you don't choose this place to have your services! They gave my Nana a circus as her service, she didn't even look like herself. She looked better in the hospital than she did in her casket. The funeral director and assistant were constantly up your butt asking questions and wanting you to sign this and initial that, there was no time to focus on what was really important. When the ceremony was over, we were given 10 minutes for "immediate" family over, didn't realize they made the rules, to say our last goodbyes. Even then, they were still standing over us and taking the flowers out of her casket, the pin off her casket, the flowers from the floor, turning the lights off in the back part of the room, turned the music off, took away the drinks and tissues... we were being kicked out!!! We had to keep asking the woman in the office for water, cups and tissues. My family and I were very disappointed in the whole service. When we finally left, we forgot out CD there, we called a week later to see if we could stop by and retrieve it, we were told NO! The funeral director said "the person who signed the documents had to release the CD" are you kidding me? You need my aunt to call you to release my CD? I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!