Assumption Cemetery

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PO Box 42109
Austin, TX 78704
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Paul Krotzer
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By Visitor
I have had similar contact with Paul Krotze office concerning Mount Cavalry Cemetery. It is the "old" Catholic cemetery but some of us still have familly and plan to be buried there. I have called Paul's office once a week for three weeks and have never gotten a return call. My next option is to contact the Dioceses for informaton.
1 Star
By Visitor
TO: Paul Krotzer
Assumption Austin

SUBJECT: Sale back two plots purchased in 1970

I sent a letter Dated May 15, 2020 asking that you sell my two plots. My former wife and I divorced years later and both have remarried.

She died in February 2015 and was buried else where.

I have been living in Tennessee for the past 40 years and I plan to be buried here in Tennessee where my parents and my wife's parents are buried.

I sent a copy of her death certificate with the letter.

You received the letter and death certificate on May 19, 2020. What else do you need to process the sale of these two plots or do I need my attorney to handle this?

Tommy O. Freeman