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2200 S Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67211
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Mark Mchenry/Terisa Krame
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On June 8 of last year, I purchased 2 trees from Hillside Nursery. I had a coupon for 25% off of one item. The higher priced of the two trees was a Blue Spruce. When I paid for our trees, I paid an additional fee for planting. I was never told of any policy to exclude blue spruces from warranty, nor was there anything on my receipt to indicate such. Within three weeks of having the tree planted, it was clearly stressed. I contacted Hillside Nursery and was told that Matt would be by later the next week to look at it. I was then told to cut back on watering and did so. Now then, nearly a year later, the tree is indisputably dead. I contacted Hillside Nursery twice in March and was told by Matt that they would take care of a replacement (that we were good customers and he knew we had taken good care of the tree). I indicated that I wanted a Golden Rain tree and was told that they had two at their Derby tree farm. Matt said that he would get back with me to coordinate a time to meet in Derby to look at the trees but never called. On May 6, I spoke with Mark who said there wasn't a warranty on spruces at all but that he would give half on it (again, the rhetoric of knowing we were good customers). Mark said that Matt was out of town but that he would have Matt call as soon as he returned. Matt never called. On June 1, my husband and I went to Hillside Nursery to address the matter as the one year anniversary of the purchase was approaching and with the assumption that any warranty would expire on the anniversary. Matt was not available, but Mark was there. Mark said that they'd go half on the value of the tree and again tried to tell me that he'd have Matt call. At which point I said, "now wait, I came down here to figure this out. Can we talk about this now?" He said "well, what did you pay for the tree?" I pulled out my receipt showing him that the purchase price was $250 less 25% for the coupon and that there was no indication of the warranty exclusion on blue spruces on the receipt. At this point, Mark scoffed and said, "well, there is no warranty. It says right there no warranty on sale items." I replied, "There wasn't a sale. I had a coupon for 25% off of one item... it could have been this tree or the other." Mark replied well, the discount was on the spruce, so there is no warranty. While I know this company is not registered with the BBB, I want for this complaint to be on record of their poor service and the fact that they do not stand behind their products or service. They do not respond to their customers calls and cannot be trusted to honor their word.