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2156 Clyde Rd
Highland, MI 48357
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Penny Bugis
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The female co-owner will not return your call if you have any concerns about the service you receive. She said she was too busy to deal with me and thought my concerns were quote, " ridiculous." My concern was that when pumping the tank, the driver did not add any water to break down the sludge/solids in the bottom of the tank. Then he replaced the tank lid before the tank was able to be verified emptied by the person who was at home during the time of service. The female co-owner also said she had complete confidence in her driver, but I really felt that they should be most concerned with.my confidence, as their customer. The company refused to come back and repump the tank so that I could feel confident the tank was indeed empty and pumped out correctly. We have used this company for years-but never again!