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5 Stars
By Visitor
Best damn attorney I have ever met he’s affordable and and very good at what he does .
5 Stars
By Visitor
The best personal injury attorney in the area. Cares about the client, and doesn't try for the quick settlement. Don't expect a daily call - but rest assured he is using all his resources to get you the best result. Very caring and professional.
1 Star
By Visitor
The worst attorney's office to work with. They never get back to you when they say they will. They are unable to answer simple questions. No one in the office knows what the other person is doing. Timing and deadlines don't mean anything to them. I had to chase after them to make sure they were doing their job and take time out of my work to follow up with them, yet I'm the one getting the attorney bill. I will NEVER work with this office again. One of the worst experiences and completely unprofessional.
1 Star
By Visitor
After 3 calls to the office and 3 promises to "get back to me" I never heard a word back from this place. If you do not have the time nor desire to take a case then why cant you just say that? Is my time worth nothing because I am not an attorney? VERY unprofessional.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Michael Cooper is an exceptionally competent and caring attorney. He takes the time to listen and acts always in the best interest of his clients. So far he is the only attorney that I have ever know who is genuinely kind and caring.