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4798 S Florida Ave PMB 185
Lakeland, FL 33813
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Laura Morales
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5 Stars
By Visitor
These guys were awesome! We had a gorgeous tree that sadly got struck by lighting. We of course had to take it down, and we wanted it done fast because it was such a sad sight. These guys were quick in responding on the phone and were super courteous both on the phone and in person. They had the right tools and equipment for the job. They not only took down our poor lighting struck tree, but also took down a different tree that we had been wanting down for a while. The job was done done very fast and the price was wonderful. Our neighbors even commented on what a nice job they did, because the areas around the trees didn't get damaged. I would have expected with all that heavy equipment that we would have to do fix the yard when they were done, but they did such a precision job that you wouldn't have known they had been trees or equipment there in the first place. The best part is they got it done within days of first contacting them, quickly ridding us of the depressing eyesore that was our dead tree. Thank you so much guys, you did a fantastic job! I highly recommend this company!
5 Stars
By Visitor
Best tree service ever. High quality, excellent customer service and very reasonable prices. Highly recommends New Breeze Tree Service for all of you in need of some tree service.