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40 Macarthur Blvd
Bourne, MA 02532
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This company is so greed driven that it is appalling! My friend passed away on April 15, 2015. The nursing home in Buzzards Bay called me at midnight to tell me of her passing. They asked what to do with the body, since she had no specific instructions, other than cremation, I wasn't sure what to do. I was sad and shook up, and they recommended Nickerson Bourne. I said I guess so .
Upon an early morning call for a woman working there I was told that the cremation would cost 4,000. I said I would get back to her. I had no money for this and my friend left little in her bank account.
I went online and found Bartlett Funeral home, who do the cremations for 1290.
Doug Bartlett and his wife , Katie got me through this awful ordeal with respect, kindness and the utmost graciousness you can imagine. Unlike the other money grubbing people at Nickerson Bourne who charged 595.00 to transport the deceased 1.5 miles and would not release her, till this was paid!! I was in shock. Their coldness and bottom line mentality, at a time when people are the most vulnerable cannot go unnoticed, and I beg you to call the Bartlett Funeral Home in Plymouth for fair, decent and honest treatment !!!