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By Visitor
Purchased a new washer and dryer ordered a new side by side fridge good price great salesman. No issue until it came to delivery. I am not going to get into the he said she said of this but let me tell you this...... our family has shopped at Schaefers for 35 years with no problems until now!

They stopped there own delivery service and outsourced it to a few company's this last one is called College Hunks. (They apparently went through a few).

Bottom line is Collage Hunks is a knockoff of 1-800-gotjunk. They are rude and could care less about Schaefer's customers. After doing a little research this is not the first complaints like this.
Ron Romero the owner of Schaefer's called and apologized for there rudeness which I appreciate but in short did stand up for there delivery service. I am not sure I want folks like this hooking up any of my appliances or in my home. Are a few so called collage hunks which is BS movers qualified in correctly wiring and installing? Who are they?
I told Ron thanks for the 35 years plus but we will be moving on! If they can't deliver using there own people. I don't want collage hunks at my home ever especially after reading all the reviews. Please educate yourself first.

This is a franchise and will hire whoever can lift a few pounds then send them out. Think they care? Are they casing out your house? Any background checks who knows Schaefer's don't hire them.
Hope this saves someone all the drama we went through.

Obviously you won't see bad reviews on there site as they only post good reviews from across the franchise.
We are really sad Schaefer's is taking this route as we were Never treated this way from their delivery guys.

Beware and be safe!
4 Stars
By Visitor
Just brought a fridge at a great price and love it! Next is the washer and dryer