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Donald Chachere Jr
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Dear John Chachere:

My name is Gena Robinson and I wanted to express my gratitude for a job well done on the commercial you aired on Charchere Creole seasoning. The concious decision you and your partners made to showcase the correlation between the seasoning (food), Zydeco music and the diversity of Culture was absolutely amazing! I am a former educator and I would like to say that
you receive an A+ for how beautifully you executed this assignment! I am currently residing in New Jersey where this commercial aired and trust and believe there are alot of people who are big fans of the Creole/Cajun culture and all that it has to offer! I also have ties to Louisiana so as you can imagine this was an extra treat to see the Zydeco dancing in the background. I recently completed a play pertaining to Creole/Cajun culture and the support that I have received has been more than what I could have expected. I marvel at the fact that when I say Creole or Cajun culture people automatically say boy what delicious food you guys have (We can certainly thank Chachare for the contribution in seasoning to make it all happening) !!!! Trust and believe that this was an excellent marketing strategy by far! Oh if I didn't mention earlier I have a degree in Business as well so you are actually getting my professional opinion through education and from a business prospective! I would like to make one more suggestion: You may consider using a popular band by the name of Curley Taylor and the Zydeco Trouble. Curley is a friend of mine who tours all over the U.S. He plays frequently up and down the eastcoast and will be in the NYC, Manhattan on December 8, 2013 at a place called Connolly's. The point I'm making is that since Curley and his Crew are known it will certainly help to further promote your seasoning. I'm sure his fan base would be estatic to look up and see a commercial coming from Chachere
Seasoning and get an extra treat by seeing Curley Taylor and the Zydeco Trouble. I will say I travel quit a bit particularly up and down the eastcoast and in time more and more people are latching on to this rich culture particularly the food. Since they can't be in Louisiana I fill its Louisiana's responsibility to bring LA to each and every home!